Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fryers Available

From jack x sally

From Hallow x Simon

From Friend Bounce x Simon

Scarlett - December 6, litter pics


buck, white toe

buck, wish it was a doe!

doe, white foot

doe, she's a sweetie, possible keeper.

Mingle - December 6, pictures

8 kits, four bucks, four does (I think!)

Very nice little fellow. Quirky
Tiny black buck

tiny broken blue otter buck
this one...a total kissy face! IF a doe, I'd be keeping for temperament and size.

broken blue buck
solid nice kit

Broken blue buck
another solid nice kit

Broken black otter doe?
a real cutie, likes to sit back and observe

Broken black doe?
just a darling

Broken blue doe
if for sure a doe, possibly a keeper

Tiny Black otter doe?
if for sure a doe, a keeper.