Friday, November 25, 2011

Hard Lesson Learned

see this litter box?
See the label attached to it?

Make good and sure that you remove it from your litter box before letting your rabbit use it.

Did you know that even if YOU can't get it off... your rabbit might.
AND if your rabbit possibly can get it off... it means that your rabbit can possibly EAT IT!

Don't lose your rabbit like I did.

I found a two inch piece in his tummy after I culled him for pulling the litter box label off it, going off feed really fast, and suffering.

Really really really not a good way to lose a rabbit.

NOTE: this litter box I had (quite similar to the one it the picture, just yellow) had been WELL USED by countless rabbits. I was unable to get the label off, other rabbits didn't even try so .. I assumed that it would be just fine. THIS particular rabbit was NOT just fine with it and ripped it off and in process swallowed a piece. HOW he got a two inch piece down his throat I don't know.. but he did.

So.. MAKE GOOD AND SURE that all labels are removed before letting your rabbit have it. PLEASE!

Suggestions given to me about how to get a label off:

Blast the label with hot air from a hair dryer to soften the adhesive.
Soak in hot water and scrape off.
Apply some type of oil.
Use Acetone. (Some nail polish removers contain acetone, or find it in the paint dept.)
Razor blades work well on glass surfaces.