Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mayin - chestnut lop doe

This doe I purchased pregnant at the London market. I got her because she was bred to a buck and their youngsters from their first litter had interesting markings. I thought it would be good to see the markings from this litter to be.

She's been badly handled/treated. I was unimpressed with the condition of this doe. This after talking with the lady who had owned her who had said that she needed to sell off her poor babies, and how could she part with them. They were her darlings etc... NOT my idea of how one should treat their darlings! Even the babies weren't in the best of condition. :( She needs her nails trimmed and to be brushed out a bit, but I'm letting her settle into her new digs first.
Anyways, she's being fattened up prior to her eminent kindling. I have her partnered with Miffy (a grey doe). They groom each other. It's like these two were meant to be together they get along so well. Have NO idea what to call her at this point - she's more of chestnut colour than my other female lop.

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