Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spotted Doe - March 3, 2008 Litter

Six babies born March 3, 2008. All seem healthy and momma is content. Five babies made it through to cage change (bigger box for babies to run in).

This pic taken at 2 weeks.

They've grown well. :) Always nice to see babies grow well. She's a good momma.Taken at 3 weeks of age.

Almost 4 weeks old, Mostly white is male, the broken black is a female.
Darker one is quick to dig around and get into things. :)
Mostly white likes to hop fast and wants to know what's going on.
These to are very curious bunnies and quick to explore.

I am fairly certain this will be a male. Smallest of the lot, hardest to sex at almost 4 weeks.
Very quiet, seems a lot like dad. Solid black rabbit.

Lighter probably female, darker probably male.
If darker turns out to female it'll be kept as it is a really really nice rabbit.
Mix of personalities, they are broken back blues.
Curious yet quiet bunnies.

This is mom. She is a curious, busy rabbit.
This is dad. We call him Lop-Hop. If he can escape he will. :)

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