Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spotted Quiet Doe - March 3, 2008 litter

This litter was born March 3, 2008. Five were born. First litter for quiet doe. Of the five, four made it cage change (for more room for littles to hop around). All are varying shades of fawn/tort.
The tort colors are usually apparent at birth. The tort will look orange with smoky blue color on the points and belly. The blue tort will be a lighter fawn color with a silvery gray color on the points and belly. The chocolate tort, on the other hand, will look like a self colored orange. The chocolate points will show up later. The lilac tort simply resembles a self fawn color. Here too, the lilac points show up much later - if they do show up.

Taken at two weeks of age.

Taken at just under three weeks, just before cage change. Smallest one died.

These are the darker for the four. Both are male.
The one sitting up is bolder. Likes to get into things.
The one lying flatter is a quiet buck who takes a bit to start exploring.
These taken at almost four weeks.

The lighter two of the four.
The one looking away is smart, at almost four weeks knows how to run away from me already! :)
One doe, One buck.
Nice little rabbits, on the quieter side until they are comfortable, then into EVERYTHING!

And here are their parents:

This is quiet doe: She is a very stolid rabbit. Easy to care for rabbit. She is a very content rabbit who likes to sit and watch what's going on around her.

This is Lop-hop the dad. He's a Holland Lop. Lots of personality, very people friendly. Give him a chance to escape and he'll take you up on the offer. :) Nice rabbit. We are very pleased with him.

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