Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lop Hop

Lop Hop.
He's my first buck. He's part of my real foray into the world a pet rabbit breeding. Sept. 2007.

I got him from a fellow who wanted some californian rabbits from a friend of mine. he had no use for Lop Hop and his sister Brown Doe (I know, real original name I gave her eh?). So he gave them to me as long as I gave them a decent home.

Lop Hop is in a temporary cage which needed to be buttressed a little. HE ESCAPES! Give this bunny a chance and he's off out. Outside he's fairly easy to catch, in a garage...COMPLETELY different ball game! :)
He's VERY people friendly. Gets along with anything and everything. Easy to pick up, pet, handle, move around from place to place. All around a good rabbit.
Breeds good bunnies that sell well.
I am very pleased with him as a rabbit.

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