Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Miffy - dutch mix doe

Miffy came to me from a single parent home with a five year child, large dog and two cats. Mom didn't have time or finances for so many critters so a cat and the bunny had to go! I took the bunny and I had no desire for the cat. :) She came here in early March.

a FAT rabbit. I have never seen such a very fat rabbit before. wow! FAT. One could hardly pick her up she'd had too much food and not enough hopping! She's in better shape now!

I tried pairing her with a variety of does but they took "rabbit dislike" to each other immediately. I was starting to wonder what I would do with her and then...Mayin came along. These two bunnies like each other. They are often found grooming each other. Life is good. Hope that continues when Mayin has her littles. But we're hoping for good things. :)

She's a docile rabbit. Easy to handle. Hoping as she loses weight she'll be more curious as Dutchies are apt to be. She's starting to come to the door when I feed them now and let's me give her a nose rub. So... all is coming along. :)

I'm fairly certain she's a dutchie cross and her head seems dutchie, but her colouring/marking is off. Her body will tell me more when she loses the excess weight. :)

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