Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dutch Doe

This doe was part of three bunnies that I got from a young lady who couldn't find a new home for them. I was supposed to get three does from her, ended up with one black doe and two chocolate bucks. One of those bucks found a new home. The doe I kept. She's fairly tame. As they were free, the price was right. :)

Not sure if she is bred or not. I found out her brothers (which I also thought were females) when boys when I caught them "trying to make nice" with her and she was having none of it. She doesn't get along well with other rabbits at the moment so she is penned separately.

I'll give her another couple of weeks to see if she has littles. If she doesn't then she'll be old enough to breed and we'll what babies we get out of her crossed with a black lionhead.

Update: kindled Sunday April 6, 2008 in the morning right after church let out. Five living babies. One Chocolate, the rest black.

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