Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scruffy - black lionhead buck

Scruffy came from the London Market. No one else wanted him so for a $1.00 I brought him home. Figured the worst that could happen is I'd sell him again in a few weeks or so.

He's not a buck used to being held. but he'll let a person handle him and pet him in his cage.
He's alert but not particularly curious about things. Not cage aggressive at all.

Nice rabbit.

SOLD him for $5.00 to Emusing Acres.


  1. Oh, my! He's far too cute! I love the fancy hairdo! :)

  2. isn't he though? Tried breeding him today. Seems to know what he's doing. We'll find out in a month of so if his hairdo will carry over. :)


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