Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yesterday I planted

my rabbit garden.

Complete with dandelions, greater plantain, lesser plantain, chicory, chickweed, and queen anne's lace.   i also planted some wild lettuce out front. 

I transplanted all the parsley into the rabbit garden as well.  We can eat from it, but most of it goes to the rabbits simply because we have too much of it.  :)   It's an excellent standby for the rabbits.   So hopefully that will get going soon. 

Last fall I had taken some prickly lettuce seed and planted that, as well as moving a couple of mature plants I had.    This will serve the bunnies well I think.  Particularly if I can get it growing well by say July when we take our holidays.  This will make it easier for my bunny people to give the rabbits greens every other day.  (at least thats my hope!).  :)

 When it's growing well I'll need to put a picture in.  :)

For now it is looking something like this only bigger.
A few growing plants and mostly dirt.

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