Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who Says Rabbits Lack Personality and Spunk?

an interesting article you may like to read.

who says rabbits lack personality and spunk?

Clips from the article follow

One of the biggest general misconceptions about rabbits is that they just sit there in the cage gnawing on stuff — like great, big hamsters — and don’t do anything interesting all day.

 “Admittedly, I was one of those people who thought rabbits were bereft of personality,” says Shaun T. Gorman, an engineering consultant who’s been living with house rabbits for about seven years. “I figured that as animals of prey, their short life spans short-circuited any hereditary ‘personality’ traits and left them with a pretty basic eat-sleep-poop-survive life structure.” He continues, “Ahh, I know differently now — they are little people, with huge ears and lots of body hair.”
NOTE: I would NEVER characterize bunnies as being people..little or otherwise.  It diminishes what they are.  Rabbits are very individualistic and have their own way of looking at the world.  Calling them people removes what they in actuality are.   BUT the fact that they are quite different I thought was worth pointing out in this article.

  She notes that many people try to play with a rabbit too quickly after the animal arrives, which can often frighten a rabbit even more. “This is a prey species that takes a while to settle down and learn that you are not a predator,” she says. “The best way you can convince the animal that you are not a predator is to stop acting like one — you want to be laid-back and let your rabbit come to you.”
I have learned that with MOST rabbits, give them about three weeks to settle down and the bunny is yours.  BUT do play with your bunny.  Get it used to your scent, your mannerisms, and your household noises.   DO NOT just wait for the bunny as that's giving a lot of power to a bunny with a very small brain :)   but do take into account that calm, quiet people de-stress rabbits quicker than boisterous noisy ones.  :)

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