Monday, April 2, 2012

A scare, a scream, a hole plugged

The scene: it's dark, my flashlight is going dim, I'm walking out to the rabbitry to say HEY BUNNIES.. want some apple branches when

The scare: out of the corner of my eye I see something white bounding toward my feet.

The Scream: yes.. I quietly screamed..not too loudly as freaking out the neighbours or hubby dear is NOT my idea of fun.

The surprise: two young bunnies hopping desperately around my feet with the attitude of HELP HELP HELP!  Where's mom?

OH!!!! you are Nicky's fosters!
What in heaven's name are you two doing out here?
I try to figure out where I"ve put her since I did some cage rearranging this morning...
Voila home.. two kits MOB mom.

I search the cage... finally finding a small hole just big enough for two kits to wiggle through...

Plug up the hole.
Tell the kits to stay put I'll fix the hole better in the morning.

I care for the critters.
I come inside for a much needed bowl of popcorn. 

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