Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nail Trims and What Not

So yesterday I trimmed the nails of all the adult bunnies.   I do this every 4-6 weeks.   I find it interesting how some rabbits nails grow so very very fast, and others it seems like they don't need to be clipped.  Makes me curious as to what makes the difference.

I train my babies from the time they are young that they sit for three feet to be done, and then I sit them on their bums for the last one.   Training them takes the angst out of the nail trims for them.   I started doing this after I purchased a variety of buns who would TOTALLY freak out when I would trim their nails and thought to myself.. I don't want other people thinking I've got nutty rabbits or that I never do nail trims so let's get them used to this idea.   I HATE stressing rabbits out unnecessarily and nail trim stress is unnecessary in my opinion.

For some reason this time Vivian took extreme exception to me trimming her nails and I'm not sure why.... it was like she was some stranger rabbit.  Usually Vive lets me do anything I want.  She's a very goofy rabbit.  So it rather surprised me.   We both survived the experience with no damage.   Perhaps it was because I used different clippers this time and she is a sensitive to noise rabbit.    Silly beastie.  :)

Everyone else was a trooper.   

I managed to get German outside on the grass yesterday without him being this total nervous Nellie.   he was such a good boy and so thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Very nice to see this in him.      Even German did well with nail trims...he's an easily stressed rabbit and all he did was moan at me.   Must have been a relaxing day on the lawn for him.  :)

Shade certainly seemed to like being outside too.  :)   I may put them both outside again today...might was well reward good solid behaviour right?     Though it was funny.. normally when I put the rabbits out the girls will dig holes and the boys will just thump and look around and munch on grass.   I put Shade out and he immediately started to dig a hole and it's like "HEY SHADE! girls dig boys don't!"   Made my six year old son giggle at him.  :)

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