Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Bunnies to sell or not to sell

Should rabbit breeders sell bunnies at Easter? 

There are many ways to look at this issue and it is one that easily divides people. 

 To me selling bunnies at Easter is no different than sheep or goat people raising their animals to be sold for the Easter folks. Selling bunnies to me is no different at Easter than it is in January, or August or October. 

 People, wanting a pet, looking for a bunny. 

Are there people out there strictly making an impulse purchase looking to have a pet just for the holidays.. for sure.. but most of the time .. I find those folks go to the pet stores. They do. They certainly don't come to me willing to wait until I decide I'm going to go to the big city.     They want the bunny now. SO.. they go the pet store. 

Are there more people looking for bunnies at Easter?    Well of course there is. Tis the time of year when bunnies start coming out of the wood work. 

The sheer amount of people who I've had come to me over the years saying.. did you know how hard it is to find a bunny?!?!?! I've been looking all winter for one and NOW we can find them. We were starting to think we'd never find a good bunny. 

 It's just the way it is. Bunnies start really coming out for sale at the end of March/beginning of April. Are they timed for Easter? possibly. Could also just be the way it's worked out. People trying to breed rabbits, the rabbits saying NO, don't wanna.. until suddenly it's like.. oh, okay, you want me to make babies?!?!?!?! I can do THAT. :) Silly critters they are at times. 

So sell your bunnies...whether it be a Easter or on Valentines or in the middle of summer.  Enjoy them, move them out, and just be pleased that you are offering a needed service to folks looking to add the joy of a pet to their lives.

Is there risk involved with the care and sell of animals?  For sure.  but you know what .... Most folks will do right by their animals.

They will be housed, fed, and cleaned out.

Some may not be spoiled, some may end up over spoiled, most will end up being treated well.  They may end up moving from one home to another.    They may occasionally be handled in a way they don't appreciate, and if that happens they generally object.   They generally do NOT end up in abusive situations.   Is it possible that they might?  Yeah... but it's not the majority.  It really isn't.

Love your animals, care for your animals, assume that others will be responsible for what they want to be their own, and let the rest just be as it is.    Even selling a bunny to the best possible home that you can think of doesn't mean that bunny is guaranteed that forever bestest home.  Things happen and sometimes bunnies need to leave the perfect home for something other than what they had.  It is what it is.  ALL you can do as a breeder is your best.  :)

There are no guarantees in life beyond that all will die at some point.  All will at some point need to go before their maker.  Beyond that,  do the best that you can and let the rest just be.

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