Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11, Skittles the grey doe Kindles

Well, I've been surprised before, but this was a nice one.

I was thinking that we'd had a missed pregnancy.
But Skittles, my grey doe has just Like...within the last three hours, given birth to some babies. Have no clue how many, have no clue if she'll be a good mom, but we have babies. :)
Update: two littles ...dark grey or black. Time will tell. :)

Her first litter. I hope it is a healthy one, if not, I can blame it on her being a first time mom. :)

Update: two solid black babies. The one is larger than the other. Very fat and content babies.

UPDATE April 6, 2008: two black babies. BIG littles! My goodness these two have grown well. One doe, one buck. Very nice little bunnies. The doe is the bigger of the two. I will probably keep her as she is a lovely young rabbit and I don't need the male at all. :)

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