Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Buck and Doe

Dwarf female. Has alot of attitude. Only gets along with our buck and as she is sterile (so I'm guessing as she's been with him frequently and hasn't gotten "with child"), she lives with him, keeps him good company. Only comes out when he is used for breeding. We call her, ever so affectionately... nasty rabbit! :) She growls a lot, is not nice with other rabbits, sometimes I wonder why I keep her...but there's something funny about her that makes me laugh now that she's with the buck all the time and actually snuggles with him. :) She's the protector of his turf!

The buck is a lop-ear. We call him Lop-Hop. Nice buck. Solid build. Nice attitude. Can be handled quite easily. He is our main breeding buck.

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