Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This here is Heidi

She is the sweetest bunny. Very much a bunny in her attitude, has not reached "rabbit" status yet. :)

If she's like her mom she'll go thru five weeks of the grumpies as she maturing ... you will want to strangle her BUT there is hope! Once she gets past that stage she'll revert to previous sweet bunny status.

Dad was Stuart. A show mini rex bunny.
Mom is Hallow. Hallow is a BIG meat rabbit a bit bigger than one of my Harle does.

I suspect based on her body build and slower rate of growth that she will be bigger than a mini rex, but not as big as your average meat rabbit. She is so pretty and combined with the right MR buck should throw darling kits. She has a softer coat than mom did at this age.

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