Friday, August 14, 2009

Star - August 13 and 14

One singleton kit, newly born found on the wire at 730 p.m.

Fostered to Kinnie, it is a rather small kit.

August 14 came into the tent to see Star frantically making a nest. Makes me wonder if more kits are on the way.

August 14, seven more kits born. One DOA (very tiny). So six kits. Helped her make a better nest (not one made out of corn) :) this point she's not as nasty as she was last litter. YEAH!!!!!

Star is looking a bit rough - August 15, lost four of her kits. Fostered out the remaining two that she had with her to Kinnie. Moved the kits that Kinnie was fostering for Carrie back their own momma.

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