Friday, January 2, 2009

moved some bunnies around

So Carmen was getting a little crowded with her gang of babies, Midnight was getting fed up with hers so I moved some babies around. Carmen's and Midnight's got divided up into girl and boy bunny pens. Carmen was moved into Midnight's cage, Midnight into Bounce's and Bounce into Carmens. Bounce is due Jan 17 so this gives her lots of time to just chill out in her new accommodations, and the moving to different cages should help two does to dry up quickly.

Next Saturday Midnight will be finding a new home. Hopefully this weekend Markel will as well. Then I'll have additional cage space INSIDE the tent for growing babies.

Hoping that my Mississauga people will come out tonight for that white bunny the girl has been asking for. I'm not holding out complete hope, but I am hoping. :)

Justin made me smile yesterday.... as he noticed NN Easter was building a nest. Boy oh boy....over the top excitement. He had to give her hay and straw. NN Easter is a darling of a rabbit. She even grabbed the hay and straw right out of his one point grabbing his mitten which resulted in peals of laughter and "no, new new easter...that my mitten!". "Mommy help! new easter got my mitten!" A rabbit has NEVER gotten so much bedding material this early in her pregnancy EVER! I anticipate she's going to be an over-bedded rabbit. Not that I mind.

Ah....but I do hope that she does everything correctly!

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