Friday, October 24, 2008

New Girl's Littles

So New Girl had died when her babies were just 13 days old.

That meant I had to bottle raise 11 babies. From what I read I would be fortunate to save half of them so my goal became to save 5. I managed to save 4. I had thought for a good while that I would save 5 but one mysteriously died on me. I say mysteriously because it was sucking away on a bottle then jerked off the bottle and died. Nothing unusual in what it had been doing. It had been eager to drink and had been quite busy and happy during the day, so it was rather odd and disturbing.

Who we have left are Sheila, Little Bit, Mopsy and Squeakers. I'm hoping to take pics of them later today or this weekend.

I am grateful to a church family who gave us oodles of goat milk for these babies. :)

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