Friday, October 24, 2008

I like it when.....

Mom's come by with little boys to show off bunnies and look for a particular bunny.... and little boy spots a different one and immediately falls in love with it.

A lady came up yesterday from Waterloo with her little boy. Was going to look at my hand-raised bunnies. Looked them over, looked over my lops, looked over my other meat bunnies and then little boy (doing what little boys do...wandered around the yard a bit while mom looked a bit more). He saw this little white boy that I had gotten at the market last Saturday... and little boy just fell for that bunny. Wouldn't let it go. Carried it well and everything. Mom spotted my white meat boys and fell for one of them. They came for one tiny meat rabbit and left with one big meat rabbit and one i'm not sure what it is white rabbit. Both happy.

Mom's been a rabbit person before so she knows what she is getting into so all is good.

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