Friday, February 24, 2012

well that was fun

Tonight I had a man and his grand-daughter over for a visit.

They are going to get bunnies in the spring and they wanted to visit a real rabbitry to learn some of the pros/cons, building ideas and such like.

I was VERY nervous two weeks ago about having them come over.. I had just gone through someone being stupid in my rabbitry and I was thinking... WHAT IF THEY are an Animal Rights nut-job.

So.. I sent pics, told them my hesitation.  Grandpa sounded like he got it.  :)

He went so far as to send me their names, addresses, and all that.

They came, we chatted, I had good vibes and no checks in my spirit about them so.. I took them out back to see the bunnies.

We chatted, we learned, bunnies were held, little girl was captivated, and it was good.

I am relieved at this moment in time.  I do so love talking bunnies and teaching folks what I know.

It is a trust thing you know.  God keeps telling me TRUST in him.  Don't lean on your own understanding.  TRUST me, he says.   And that's what I have to do.  EVEN IF I'm all wrong in how I think things went tonight I still need to trust God to guide my steps, to protect my family, to do right by my critters and such like.  

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