Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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So today one was looking at all the babies born recently and noted that one of minx's kits is small and not doing as well as the rest.   My normal policy to let nature take it's course, or at the most to foster a kit over.

Now i already fostered one of her kits to another doe to give the small one a better chance but it just wasn't grabbing hard onto that chance (probably because it's a fair bit smaller than it's litter mates).  

So I already know that Rosa doesn't take to being held for a kit to nurse, and Minx is a very independent doe.  Good with people, skittish with other rabbits.. so I looked at Sera and said hmm...how will you do?   And you know what?   SHE WAS GREAT!   This doe that I'm not particularly fond of, allowed me to flip her over, and let one wee kit nurse.   She was so content just hanging out on her back letting the kit do it's thing.    She got a good backrub for that (followed by a nice scoop of grain).   Well done girlie and one wee kit has a full belly of milk.   I may need to do this again tomorrow..but hoping that I won't have to.  Kits are amazing in their abilities to rebound after getting a good bellyful of milk.

Monday I sent the two odd ball ones from Shar's litter off to the rabbit rescue.   She has a home for the one already and the other I just didn't want to grow out.  Small little bunny that just didn't "do" and had a lovely calm temperament so would be good for a pet home.

Oh.. and a bunny that I sold to a lady who comes here for breeding once in a while came over today.  She'll stay for a couple days.  I'll see if I can get her bred.   At this point she's being uncooperative but we'll see how she goes....her owners plan to get her neutered after this set of kits.

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