Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moved bunnies around today

All the young meat boys are in one pen.
All the young meat girls are in one pen.
My keeper girls are in a bigger pen (vacated by combining the two litters mentioned previously).

My mini rex off Mary is tiny so I tried putting her in with Silver and her kits. Silver would have NONE of that, was quite determined to drive her away. SO I removed Silver and put her in a smaller cage with her two boys. Since I was putting a bunch of young does together I took out the two from Lucy. SO I have three baby Hollands, two polish, and one mini rex sharing a cage. The mini rex is about the same size as the Hollands even though it is a good three weeks older.

All the movees got a good handful of hay as that will minimize any tummy upsets that occasionally happen when bunnies are moved around.

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