Tuesday, July 26, 2011

going on vacation...and the return results

So, I went away for two weeks. Came back twice to check on things as children were doing my rabbit care. These are NOT young children, 10+ years old, and they've cared for the rabbits before.

But my goodness... I get so frustrated.

I don't expect people to do things exactly the same as me, but I do expect a modicum of pride in the work that you do. I don't expect to come back to piles of rabbit manure everywhere but where it's supposed to be. Fly eggs all over the place and what not. I don't expect that.

I don't expect some rabbits to be so overfed it's ridiculous, where other rabbits are looking on the thinner end of the scale. it bothers me.

I need, I really NEED to find someone a bit more responsible to care for the rabbits when I am away. I appreciate the children trying and pinching in when my other rabbit people were unable to assist, but I do find it frustrating.

ON a positive note:
All the rabbits I expected to live did.
I can get things cleaned up and put back together again the way I want it all to be.

So in the end of it all, it's all good. :) Life continues.

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