Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pigs are well cleaned out

In the winter I try to do a deep litter bedding with the piggies. Helps to keep them warm, But I only let the litter build up until it's the to the top of the plastic bottomed cages. This means a thorough clean twice during the winter.

I tried earlier in the week but everything was frozen solid yet.

This morning I thought, give it a whirl again..and voila! It was thawed out, so they were given a good clean out, complete with scrub. With new bedding and it's all just much nicer. They look smaller again as they are further away from me. :)

Sam has developed a spot of long hair problems over the winter. he has one section of hair that is long (the rest is short so go figure)...he's gotten himself a good haircut much to his chagrin...though I must admit...he does appear to be happier. :)

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