Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dorchester Rabbit Show

So it was THOROUGHLY impressed upon me today how judging is very subjective.

Two shows today in Dorchester.

First judge seemed to totally hate all my rabbits. Everything was complaints. It was like there was nothing good.
Second judge seemed to think my rabbits were okay. :)

One Junior Harlequin doe - 1 of 3 in both shows in her class.
One REW junior mini rex doe - 2 of 2 and then 1 of 2. :)
One Black junior mini rex doe - 1 of 1 in both shows.
One Black junior polish doe - 1 of 1 in both shows.
One Chocolate senior polish buck - brought him only because I was asked to help fill a class. came 3 of 3 and then 2 of 3.
One Broken senior mini rex buck - also brought him because was asked too 5 of 5 and 5 of 6.

I sold five bunnies, I bought one doe. She's a broken Chocolate polish.

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