Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rearranged Rabbits this morning

Came into the rabbitry this morning to scuffling bunnies. My four young growers were being young idiots so I separated them. The two from Devon in one cage, the two from Party Girl in the other. ARGH!!! Silly bnnies, you all were supposed to get along for another month! Ah well...one works and cares for animals as they need it right? So they need separating... you go with when THEY tell you sometimes....

Since I was rearranging bunnies and since Cora was a grump this morning I thought...let's breed a couple. The only one that would breed besides Cora was Kacee so...we have a maiden doe and an experienced doe paired up. I'll keep trying with Lucy and Dolly to get them bred as well.

Anyways, since I've four rabbits that will hopefully be sold within the next three weeks I put them all in the old tent in the isolation cages, and I rearranged bunnies in the new tent. A lot of them are in new digs. Three cages that I"m not putting anyone in until either the weather settles some more OR I get the tarp covering everything. That will help prevent odd drafts making bunny tummies cold.

Checked on all my babies as I do every morning and they are all doing well. Shelley's kits which were born looking all white are looking rather odd...one might be a solid (or mostly solid blue or lilac), and the other two have these faint facial splits but ah...I don't know.... I'm really wanting them to fur up quickly. Hubby dear keeps reminding me to be patient...

Tentative sexing gives me Silver's kits being mostly bucks, Slip's kits being mostly female, and Rosie being split. Mind you...this is VERY tentative as well you see the "sex change fairy" likes to visit frequently at this age... so.. we continue to be patient.

What else can I say? It's a lovely day...go out and enjoy bunny binking. :)

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