Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Carrie - Kindled May 4, 2010

No small wonder why Carrie was looking so awful.

She had 10 kits inside of her. 6 big ones, three mediums, and one tiny one.
This from one mounting of Jersey.

I had hoped for a small litter. NOT TEN!!!!!

Dad is Jersey.

Foster two to Rosie...yes, I'm demanding much of her as she normally raises three just fine.
and Fostered three to Dorie a tiny polish doe who has raised three kits in the past, so four shouldn't be too much of a push for her I'm hoping.

Left five with Carrie, the smallest of the bunch to see if that will be a help to her. May end up fostering a couple to Slip as well but her kits are quite a bit older and bigger yet.

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