Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rabbity News

Diseased rabbits put to sleep, 3 Edmontonians charged

This just saddens me. How can people live with that many rabbits in one house? How can one live in the mess that rabbits can leave behind? How can you force rabbits to be so very overcrowded. NOT good bunnies, not good for people.

Rabbits as repast gains ground in B.C
Mobile processing units for doing up rabbit. YES! make this good meat more affordable for the average consumer. Make it more doable for the small processors!

Raising and Eating Rabbits in the Big City

This article contains some inaccuracies, but overall, I like it! Chicken, pigeon, town for the small consumer. Teach people where their food comes from.

Tempe Restaurant.

this is not rabbits, it's goats but the idea is the same. :)
Your own Goat.

There are dog people and cat people. And then, there are dairy-loving goat people.

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