Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ruby's Dec. 9 litter pictures

i forgot to take a set from one of her babies. will get up later.Well...can't get a picture of her as my blue eyed, dutchie marked lop has a new home already. Very cool for her. Went to an experienced bunny person.

My son's favourite. This girlie is a doll-face. A good mix twix her mom and Her dad for personality. Nice little bun. has gone to a new home now.

Curious little explorer. Does it in a quiet calm fashion. She's a little go-getter (as far as lops can be go-getters). :)

Quiet young boy. Laid back just like his dad.

This girlie is the quietest girl of the lot. Very nice bunny temperament wise. Calm easy going girlie. I expect she'll be much like her mommy when she matures. SOLD.

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