Friday, January 9, 2009

Dayle Kindles - January 9, 2009

One day early.

This girlie surprised me as I was thinking that she missed. And here she ended up with five tiny babies. all dark. Rather cool.

Pulled lots of fur, which is very good to see.

Am thinking of bringing them in for the night as they are very tiny.UPDATE: brought them into the house for a week, and then the bitterly cold weather broke and they were fine to stay outside.

So far it looks like they will all be black. :) Time will tell for sure. One is almost regular size, one is very tiny, the other three are just small for mini rex.





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  1. I think the purchase of a heat lamp or at least a trouble light you can hang in there with an incandescent bulb might be in order to keep things warmer. We have some really cold nights coming -18, -11 and the like.


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