Friday, September 25, 2009

Rabbit Care

Due to a recent attack on my character and standards of practice by a member of Golden Bunnies (a pet rabbit group based in the UK) I thought I might mention my standard of care of my bunnies.

1. my bunnies are kept in wire cages for their health and safety. Resting board provided for each rabbit, some who use them for their intended person, others who don't.
2. they get fed pellets, hay, greens etc. daily
3. they get fresh water daily

They are kept clean of excrement (falls through the wire bottoms to a rack below for easy of cleaning).

Babies are kept with mom until at least five weeks of age, often longer.

They get daily pets, regular exercise time and resting boards.

I train them to behave better if they are poorly behaved and have often managed to rehome (to pet homes) poorly handled rabbits from other folks.


  1. I wasn't attacking you hun and there is no need to slander the forum. No one had a go at you, it's just wire cages are a no no. It's easier for you yes, easier for the bunnies no. Sorry but it's the truth.

  2. I disagree, when statements like "this is horrid", "how dare she", "she calls herself a christian" and such like are made...that's NOT constructive criticism, that's an attack on the person.

    it's one thing to say "oh...wire cages, don't like them and this is why ...." It's another thing if you say negative things regarding the person who uses them.

    Why do I use wire cages?
    Means I don't get sick rabbits. Pure and simple. I went through a spell where a rabbit someone had GIVEN ME brought coccidia into my herd. Two litters wiped out in no time flat...this when I was using wood and wire cages. See...wood holds the germs in. I hate bunnies dying for no good reason.

    So I've been that solid bottom route before and I'm just not going there again.

    I do rest mats, regular nail trimmings and my bunnies are good and healthy with no ripped nails. The very picture of health. Which is exactly what I want.

  3. Awww hun thats horrible those poor bunnies, I'm sure you dont want that happening. What about linolium? it's fairly cheap it's what I'm hoping to put on the bottom of my plastic cages once my litle ones are liter trained, as its much easier to clean as I just need to spray and wipe. Or get the cage cleaning wipes from pets at home. You tried litter training them? My big one is and it takes two secs to clean her out.
    And I never said anything like that, I did not judge your character in that way. apart from my first email which I apologized for I am just trying to ensure the bunnies and you are both happy :) x

  4. problem with bunnies is they chew.

    How to get something they won't chew, can't soil (and therefore retain bugs) and is affordable.

    Linoleum they chew. been there. :) They make tiles out of this plastic based thing that they don't chew and that's what I use for resting boards. Easy to clean, doesn't retain germs, and are big (12 x 12). Easy to replace to and colour coordinate as desired. :)

  5. Tehe so you can get pink for girls and blue for boys, where you get them from, do they ship to UK? x

  6. I'm sure you can find them in the UK as well. Just go to tile stores. Regular tiles work to, but those can be pretty heavy. The ones I use are light, I can cut them if I need form fit them to a cage or under a feeder. I have mulitple uses for them. One cage I have it's half covered with them because the mom scrambles her food and kits like to sit on the board as well. This gives space for both. The doe herself won't use any type of resting board. Have no clue why. I've used a variety of things with her and she just won't. her feet are in good condition so I just don't worry about it.


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