Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rabbit show In Rockton

So I went to the rabbit show in Rockton.
Jesse came along with me. He picked up a little holland lop buck (broken black) from Mandy (local rabbiteer), and a chestnut agouti (broken) holland lop doe from ??????

I went to pick up a chocolate mini rex doe and a harlequin doe. Got the chocolate mini rex, the harlequin wasn't there due to misunderstanding. I wasn't clear enough in my email...but he'd also had a really stressful week.

BUT I got tempted by a blue eyed white buck and a castor mini rex. Both in the satin variety. $35 for the two of them. Really pretty rabbits.

I found this lovely little black and white holland lop. I'm hoping I can show him in the spring.

All pedigreed.
All look like nice animals.
Jesse wants the white buck very very much. :) I'm thinking we'll end up sharing him. :)

Things I learned
1. how to set up a buck for showing in HL classes
2. what to look for in a good HL buck. rounded back, no boneyness, short body not long
3. how pretty SATINS (as a breed of rabbit) are. Very soft, very nice sheen to their coat.
4. polish bunnies are very nice rabbits
5. how many harlequins have trouble making good size. they are shown as a commercial breed so need to get commercial weights on them. How there are THREE harlequin breeders in Ontario. that one can breed 200 babies and get 2-3 that are actually showable.
6. how to pick up mini rexes so you leave no finger traces on their coat. Hand under their tummies so they stay relaxed.

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