Friday, September 5, 2008

Little Miss - kindles Sept 3, 2008

she has one buck, one doe. will be keeping one of them.
these are very sweet happy buns.
people focused and quiet.

Halcyon (holland lop that we sold as we thought he was a non-breeder) decided to make an escape attempt through the barrier between him and what he thought was freedom but was actually Little Miss's home.

On September 3rd we had the result of such meeting.
Three babies.

I had not intended that Little Miss become a momma yet, in my eyes she's a little young, but so far she seems to be doing a good job.

They look like, at two days old, that they will all be tort's (just like mom). I was hoping for a seal point like Halcyon but will happily take what I can get as long as they are healthy and happy babies. :)

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