Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kindling - Midnight and Sweetheart - May 4, 2008

We have two separate litters today. One I've been waiting and waiting it seems forever for, and one that came earlier than anticipated.

Sweetheart had six-eight fat babies. This is one of my home-bred girls . She did everything perfectly. All babies look good. The nest has been made well.

Midnight had seven to nice solid black, possibly dark grey babies. Not sure if there is white on any of them. Did not expect these to be born until Thursday this week. She was bred to a lion-head buck so we'll have to see what the littles are like as they grow. I'm thinking that her cage-mate Snowflake missed on her breeding to a dutch buck as she shows no signs of having littles or being at all interested in them. One Chinchilla, one black with white spots, two solid blacks, one brown (chestnut agouti maybe?) and the rest varying shades of brown/black/ Interesting litter. None from Snowflake.

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