Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anyone Know What to Call These Colours?


  1. Maybe a blue cream? There's a cat that has that color it's called a blue cream calico. Cute babies!

  2. Hey, I have a question since you breed mice. I have two cats. I'd love to get a Hamster, can you recommend a safe 99 percent un-escapable cage. I have a spot for the Hamster that my cats actually couldn't get to.

  3. Hi Liss

    thanks for stopping by.

    Some thoughts.
    I find solid plastic cages, though harder to clean, easier to prevent cats from hooking their claws around a cage and "playing" with it.

    Your cats might not actually bother your hammy. Might be curious, but then go ...ah well, can't get to him and therefore leave him be. My cat is fine with anything I bring into the house, but he's a fat lazy cat! :) Had another cat that was a total bug chaser that was not quite as fine. Depends a lot on your cats.

    The solid cages also tend to be a bit more escape proof. I would hesitate to add the Habitrail types of tunnels but that's because I hate cleaning plastic, and some of those can be a real pain to clean! :)

    Get as big a cage as you can afford. keeps your animal happier. A happier animal lives longer.


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